Rihanna Shades One Of Fans When He Asks For Her Autograph! (VIDEO)


Rihanna landed in New York’s JFK airport and wasn’t in a great mood. The singer snapped at an excited fan wanting to take a picture by saying, “Give me a minute, Jesus Christ”. The 26 year-old’s bodyguard also pushes a fan out of the way as RiRi refuses to sign autographs. Poor NAVY…after all the support and love they show that woman.

Keyshia Cole Talks Cheating & Boobie Creeping With Diamond (VIDEO)


Looks like Boobie just cant slow down! He is in the media proclaiming that he is a christian and will NEVER divorce his wife. Til death do us part he says, but he cant stop cheating on the lady.

In a interview with The Breakfast Club Morning Show Keyshia talked about her upcoming album and more shocking her from hubby Daniel “Boobie” Gibson cause of his constant infidelity.

Keyshia has speaks out on her domestic violence spurs, confessing that she has hit Boobie in outrage of his cheating. The interview actually took a surprising turn when she drop the cat out the bag and announced Boobie is doing the nasty with Diamond Of Atl. Chile check out this shady interview:

Trouble In Paradise….Future Caught Cheating On Ciara? (Photos)

Just when you thought they were going to make it.

Moet Rose Lounge Houston Hosted By Ciara

Looks like Cici and Future’s engagement is coming to a pause. According to the media, Future allegedly stepped out on Ciara before she even gave birth to their son Future Jr. with his “wardrobe stylist” Tyrina Lee. Tyrina reportedly organizes Future’s vast wardrobe and extensive collection of kicks while he’s on tour. While Ciara was in labor and stuck on bed rest, Tyrina was on tour with Future.
Sources also claim that Future allegedly spends all of his time with Tyrina and keeps her in expensive bags and shoes that she posts on Instagram. This photo of them on the beach speaks volumes…same beach, same scene:


But it could just be work related, you know how the media reads. We hope its not true. They look so adorable together and just had that wonderful son of theirs. Plus the fact that she cries in interviews when she talks about him, we hope he wouldn’t embarrass her like that.

Despite Divorce Rumors Beyonce is STILL “Crazy In Love” With Jay-Z (PHOTOS)

bey and jay

The media has not let this one die down no matter how much this couple stands to prove them wrong! Despite divorce rumors Beyonce is still “Crazy In Love” with Hov. Beyonce took to her instagram sharing very intimate photos of her and Jay. One that stood out to us the most was one of Baby Blue and Jay and the caption read “My Favorite hue is JayZ Blue” Check out the photos below:
bey 7

Floyd Mayweather Cops Bad Medina A NEW Bugatti For Her Birthday!! (VIDEO)

bad medina

Floyd Mayweather is defiantly trying to show Miss Jackson what she is missing. Recently Floyd copped three tricked out Bugatti Veyron sports cars and gave one to new boo Bad Medina for her b day! He was in such good spirits that he showered baby mama Melissa Brim with one, and another for model Liza Hernandez.
A couple of weeks ago Floyd gifted his girl Bad Medina with big body Rolls Royce and now she’s got another luxury ride in the driveway. But its not always about money right???

Floyd filmed this video to tease us all: